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I've lost them

"Losing your marbles was an expression pleasing to Spooner's ear from the first time he heard it...He knew from experience that it could be disorienting, walking around without your ordinary number of marbles and trying to put your finger on where you lost the ones that were missing."  - Pete Dexter, SPOONER

I've been reading this fabulous book by Pete Dexter.  It makes me laugh out loud and then it makes me cry.  And all of it makes me think.  When I read the above portion last week, it was one of those gifts that come along just when you need it.  I definitely feel like I'm losing my marbles.  And not just my marbles.  I'm losing people, losing touch, losing sight of the positive, losing the battle, losing....

My best friend looked at me this morning and immediately knew I was sad.  Not the deep scary sad I used to get, but definitely sad.  And I can't tell you why.  There are half a dozen good reasons for me to be sad. 
My mother died and things were n…