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Mama Kitty

If you know me at all, you know that there is one person in the world for whom I would do anything, give anything, fight anyone anywhere anytime, my daughter Bridgete.  And you know that I live in Portland Oregon and she lives in Boston (well technically Quincy) Massachusetts. And you know that I hate it most of the time, but I accept that it is the way things have to be right now. Until something happens like last night.
My phone rings and I hear the strains of Van the Man Morrison singing Brown Eyed Girl - our song.  Bridgete and I have a informational urgency structure.  We need to communicate something, but an answer isn't necessary or at least not right away - email.  We need to communicate and an answer or response is needed, but not urgent - text message.  We need to communicate NOW - phone.  Lately, the phone has been good stuff.  I wanted to hear your voice or I needed to laugh with you or something really great has happened.  So I answered quickly. 
There is nothing mor…