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See Me

Over Christmas I had a really wonderful conversation with my daughter. I had several wonderful conversations, but this one in particular has stayed with me. We were talking about relationships - stupid boys and all that stuff. And I realized that maybe it was time for me to state my intentions again. I used to make those know...21 things I want in a lover...(thank you Alanis Morrisette) But the last time I did that, I left off one tiny thing...he should be free to conduct a relationship with me, and that really got in the way of us.

So this time I thought I'd focus on the three things that Bridgete and I talked about. Companionship, Sexual Compatibly, Intimacy. Here are the thing most important to me in these three areas.

Companionship. It all sounds so easy - if you love someone, than logically, you should enjoy spending time with them. And while compromise is always necessary, there should be things you enjoy doing together.
The normal tasks that each of u…