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Fair and Balanced

I'm a Libra, you know, the lady with the scales.  I spend most of my time trying to find balance in my world.  I bend over backwards to be fair.  I try to see things from other perspectives and use reason and logic to present my arguments.  Lately, I seem to be living in a world where crazy is the norm and rabid emotional outburst is the voice.  I get it people.  Things are messed up and we need to find a better way to run things or there's going to be a pretty major revolution or repression.  Either way  - it doesn't look good.
I live in an apartment complex with 16 units.  In addition to our rent, we all pay a portion of the water bill.  In the summer, we pay a little more because the landscaping has automatic sprinklers. Now, I live alone.  I run my dishwasher once, maybe twice a week.  I shower every other day. I could claim that because I use less, I should pay less than the family two units over with 2 children who surely use more water than I do.  But I don't.  …

Poetry Corner - Poems

I write poems on my lover's back.
When he folds me in his arms,
I let my fingers dance along his arms and slip behind his head.
His curls wrap 'round my fingertips as I go in for the kiss.
Clothes fall away and skin to skin we memorize each curve and sigh.
Then as he slips down at my side and drifts away to sleep,
I write across his back.
The words I wish that I could say.
The thoughts that keep me up at night.
The dreams that only lovers share.
I write poems on my lover's back.