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What I mean is...

I've been very depressed lately about a number of things.

The weather is awful.  Yeah, I know I live in Oregon and we have a lot of rain, it's a rain forest for god's sake.  But this year is the worst I can remember for some time.  Today is JUNE 9th.  The Junior Rose Parade is today.  All the years we lived in the Hollywood district, the Junior Rose parade meant fun and sun and kids out in shorts and sandals.  The BIG PARADE is Saturday. The pools are getting ready to open!   But it's 60 degrees and RAINING...torrents of rain.  I have friends who have natural swimming holes in their back yards now.  Not that they asked for them.

No matter how hard I am saving, I can't seem to get to a place where I can relax about money.  No matter what I do with my diet and exercise, I am ballooning up, not going down.  No matter how hard I avoid the news, it finds me and it depresses me even more.  And even when I think I'm clearing out a space for new, serendipity to find me…