Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 for 10 - Random Resolutions for Thursday

I'm not really good at resolutions and there a plethora of reasons why.  I am my own worst enemy and giving myself a list of things to fail at is just asking for me to fail.  But I've tried very hard to cleanse myself of negative thoughts and energy.  So instead of are 10 Noble Pursuits for me in 2010.

1.  How can I create more abundance in my life?  The universe has been very good to me.  I have a lovely little apartment that suits me to a tee.  I have a good job, nice clothes, good food and wine.  I have a little money for entertainment and travel.  I am blessed.  But there are indeed times when I feel a lack and don't treat myself as well as I deserve because I'm not feeling abundant.  So I invite the possibility of abundance into my life.

2.  Respect - I hold others in very high esteem, give them a break and send them love and blessing whenever they cross my mind.  At least most of the time.  I would like to treat every being who crosses my path with respect.  And I would like to give myself the respect I deserve.

3. How can I invite greater comfort with my body?  This is a really tough one for me.  I don't have a good relationship with myself...and I really do want one.  I love dancing and even though I wasn't very good at it, I could do it for hours.  But there's no way I'm getting into tights and a tutu at (ahemmmm) pounds.  My ass just doesn't look that good anymore.  So I thought about maybe getting a Wii and Wii Fit and the Dance game for Wii.  But that's 300+ dollars that I just don't have.  (see abundance)  I guess I could just put on music and dance, but there's something communal, tribal, healing, and just plain fun about dancing with others. walking and my yoga and my other attempts to shed weight and find greater comfort with my physical self are just not working like they used to.  I still do them...but they aren't producing results.  I need help with this one universe.  Really!  I do!

4. How can I ignite my creative spark?  I'm doing pretty good at this one and yet I do find that I am still thinking about writing more often than actually writing.  I need to make appointments with myself to have creative time.  And STICK TO THE PLAN.

5.  How can I experience more joy in my life?  I've become afraid of disappointment - and of disappointing and I have allowed to limit my joy.  I would like to invite the world in and let's have some joyous time!

6. How can I add positively to the lives of those I love?  Well...I leave that one up to you my dear readers.  What can I do for you this year?

7. How can I find a deeper spiritual experience and connection with my higher power?  I've always been a pretty spiritual person.  But finding a spiritual home or practice that centers me and gives me that deep connection with my true self has not proved an easy task.  I would like to be open to the possibility of deepening that connection this year.

8. What does a loving relationship look like to me?  I accept that my past has left me with deep emptiness and longing for another.  But is there a possibility that I may find a deep and honest, lasting and fulfilling, loving adult relationship this year?  Maybe.

9. What might a new relationship with my family look like?  With the death of my mother and the time I spent with my birth family recently, I noticed that it is very easy for me to slip into old patterns with them.  What might it look like if they actually began to learn about who I am and what I might be able to bring to a family dynamic that they hadn't thought of before?

10.  What does a fully healthy, happy, loving, abundant, supportive, respectful, joyous KC look like?  Maybe this is the year I begin to paint a portrait of her and see how to get there.

Happy New Year my lovelies.