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Failure to communicate

This has been a frustrating week for me.  It started out wonderfully.  My beloved sisters and my niece Nikki spent Monday evening with me at dinner, followed by a fabulous pub quiz.  Tuesday, I was able to spend a little more time with them and with my niece Dawn.  I love these ladies.  They make me laugh until I hurt.  We talk about important stuff and silly stuff.  We praise our children and share our griefs.  And I teared up trying to explain to my sister Judie how I am at a loss of how to tell my beautiful daughter how proud I am of her.  It just doesn't seem enough to say, "I knew you could do it.  You are amazing.  Your gift is to be the light of my life."  I don't know what to say.

After a stop in at Papa Haydn's for a light nibble and a tasty dessert, I opted to take mine home.  Chocolate Truffle Cake.  And I couldn't finish it.  I thought I was past this hurt.  I thought I was ready to move on.  But I thought wrong.  After all, it's been nearly…

Nicholas Christakis: The hidden influence of social networks | Video on

I love TED Talks. It always gives me something to think about, wonder, contemplate and ultimately incorporate into my being. This one is especially telling as our "social networks" have become increasingly virtual and not actual. Yet the ties, at least in my experience, are no less important, influential and necessary to the health and happiness of our being. Enjoy.
And thank you for being part of my network. I know I am better for it.

Nicholas Christakis: The hidden influence of social networks | Video on