Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Roll Out the Red Carpet

"It's the Oscar's! Get your fuckin' hair done!"

My friend Nancy has had an Oscar gathering for years. And her friend's Mark and David are best known for shouting at the TV one year at some young starlet who showed up looking a tad shabby - "It's the OSCARS! Get your fuckin' hair done!"

Aside from the laughter, I remember Mark and David every year at this time. This year, I don't get to make my trip to Nancy's house for the Oscars. Money, time, all gets in the way. And I'm missing Nancy and her dear husband George. Once a year, they take me into their home, feed me, let me sit in the California sun and shed my Oregon winter blues. Nancy and I watch at least a dozen movies from all decades and genres. Then on Oscar Sunday...we are couch slugs. Potatoes would be too kind a comparison.

It's a time I look forward to all year long. The pampering and attention I receive lifts me up, makes me feel special and loved, and restores my soul.

Why do watch these celebrities with such fascination? Is it just because they are beautiful? Just because they have money and lovely clothes and everyone makes a fuss over them? Or is it just that we all have those times in our life, especially women, where we are the center of attention. And we remember how that made us feel. Proms, weddings, graduations, job interviews, all of them occasions where we pamper ourselves, give ourselves the luxury of getting our hair done, maybe even our make up.

We all deserve to feel like a star from time to time. We all deserve red carpets and hairdressers and someone to pick out the very best dress for us.

So don't wait for the occasion to find you. Make your own occasions. Roll out your own Red Carpet.



Bridgete said...

That must be why I'm so excited for "law school prom". Time to get my fuckin' hair done. =)

artjewl said...

Heck with getting my hair done... I'd be happy to get it cut. ;)

But you have a point. :)