Wednesday, April 9, 2008



What Ifs:

What if I could meet someone in the art world to chat with?
This is just too easy for me…SHAKESPEARE. I know, I’d probably be disappointed and find out he really was a mediocre talent at best and someone else did the good stuff. But I love Shakespeare, so it has to be him.

What if I could have one wish granted for the benefit of all mankind?
I know it’s easy to say world peace. But it’s not easy to achieve. Peace is not simply the absence of war. It’s a state of mutual respect and acceptance whereby all beings are one.

Pretty big wish.

What if I could travel anywhere in the world?
England. That blessed rock…so much there I want to see and touch and taste and smell.

What if I could live in a period other than the present, for 24 hours?
I want to be a player in Shakespeare’s company at THE GLOBE in Elizabethan England.

What if I could make over three areas of my body?
I have a very Germanic heritage… so…tummy tuck or liposuction, I’d love vision that doesn’t require corrective lenses and my skin is rather scared from bad acne.

What if I could become an animal for 24 hours?
I’m basically hedonistic (read lazy)…so I think a bear as long as it’s hibernation time!

What if I could bring someone back to life for 24 hours?
I’ve lost a lot of people in my life…but I couldn’t bear to lose them again after only having them for 24 hours. Way too hard.

And now, I'm supposed to tag three other bloggers. Bonnie, Chris and Greg! Have at it!

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Bridgete said...

I think that's been the general consensus on the one about bringing people back to life for 24 hours. No matter how much you miss them, only having them back for 24 hours just isn't enough.