Friday, September 18, 2009

Broken Thought Process Thurs...I mean Friday! Sept. 18

Well, here's my first thought of the day. What is so hard about making a decent cup of coffee? I've been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember. SERIOUSLY! My dad used to put coffee in my milk when I was a little girl, because I wouldn't, couldn't, still can't and won't drink plain milk.

For years, I've searched for the perfect home brewing method. I hate making a pot at home for one or at the most two cups. I have a Senseo. It worked for about 3 months. Then it got clogged up and there's not enough pressure to push through the pods and get a good cup. Plus the time...I hate getting up in the morning and having to wait for the water to heat up until I can try and get a cup worth I watch my bus go by. I don't want to spend money on espressos that I KNOW cost them like .75 to 1.00 and they are getting 3-4 bucks from me. I understand you have to figure in labor and overhead and blah, blah, blah. I used to try to explain to people that complained about ticket service charge at my ticketmaster outlet that I wasn't getting squat from their 100.00 concert tickets and the only way to pay my staff to be there and sell them the damn ticket was for them to cough up their 3.75.

But I just want to start my day with a good, smooth, wonderfully rich scented, just enough milk to make it caramel colored, cuppajoe.

We have this machine at the office. Put in a quarter and you get a cup of coffee. I watch it make the coffee. Measure the grinds into this little bowl...add the hot water and let it brew...the press the coffee out. Sounds great. Tastes awful.

I'm contemplating becoming one of those cone people at work. You know the ones...have my little Melita filters and my special grind and I boil my water in the microwave and pour it over my little beans. Or maybe a french press...but...they're so messy.

But maybe what I really want is that old Mr. Coffee, with the 3lb Yuban can, the white ceramic mug that looked like it came from the coffee shop on the corner, and my daddy getting the balance of milk and coffee and sugar just right, setting it down next to my bowl of cheerios and giving me a kiss on the head. Yeah. That's probably what I'm really missing.


Bridgete said...

Are french presses messy? I've never seen anyone make much of a mess with them. I want one for my locker (and later, desk).

Jenn said...

Well if that isn't what you're missing then I strongly encourage you to look into a Keurig machine. The only bummer is they are so environmentally wasteful but the coffee is yummy & the water is ready to go at the push of a button.

KC McAuley said...

Jenn - funny - A catalog with a Keurig machine was what prompted this post. And Bridgete - they leave sludge in the bottom of your cup...not a big problem if the coffee is good...and cleaning those grounds out can get messy.

ginger said...

you can not beat the french press...messy or not. make the coffee at home in the press and put it in a stanley thermos. it will stay hot ALL day. no joke.

QuiPP said...

I just got a little espresso machine for my birthday (the date of your last post) and am falling in love with it. It's small. It's fast, and the coffee is damn good. I'm happy again. Americanos for me, from hence forth.
Also, have you tried the (dare I say it) instant coffee from Starbucks? Just came out, it's not half bad. Not great, but the Italian is not half bad. In a pinch. Beats that crap in the machines. No fillers, just micro ground coffee.