Friday, September 10, 2010

Paris - final day and final thoughts

This morning we had our last cup of coffee and last croissant in silence.  I know that I am full of thoughts and wishes about our trip and I'm sure Bridgete is as well.  We got to the airport in plenty of time.  And far too soon, we were leaving Paris and back in Boston.

There are few things I wanted to say about my trip that didn't seem to fit with my travelogue.  I knew that I would enjoy Paris.  I had read about it and thought about for many years now.  And even though several people had told me beforehand that I would fall in love and want to live there, I took it all with a grain of salt.  I've traveled before and seen some very amazing cities, but nothing compares to Paris.  It is another world.  And it is indeed a world in which I could imagine myself living.  There is a quietness, a peacefulness, an elegance and a dignity to Paris that I have never experienced before.  I've always craved a kind of quiet in my life - but never knew what the quiet was until now.  Because it isn't a quiet that comes from being alone.  I know that too much alone is not good for me - I become depressed and eat and drink too much.   And yet too much time with others in this noisy, pushy, busy world exhausts me.  And I am forever seeking a balance.

It was only a day or less in Paris and I had that balance.  I felt a part of everything and everyone.  I wasn't overwhelmed by people and noise and chatter and distraction.  I was intensely focused and delighted.  I ate and drank far less than I do at home - yet I never felt deprived or denied.  I saw so much beauty that at times, tears would simply gather in my eyes and my heart would ache.  I laughed easily and often.  I felt at home.

This was the perfect place for Bridgete and I to have time together, too.  Without the business of life, the distraction of school and work, we were able to feel again our deep and lasting bond.  To know with just a glance or a nod what the other was thinking, feeling, imagining.

I'll stop here, just because I don't want to cry! I know what I am supposed to do now.  I am to return to Paris as soon and as often as possible. 

There are more of my pictures on Picasa -  link below - and Bridgete, who is a far better photographer than I am, has her photos here.




ginger said...

i hope you get to go back often and that every trip to your home away from home is just as peaceful for you as the first one.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Thanks for sharing all of your memories and beautiful photos of such a great place. It is wonderful to find your comfort place, I hope you do get back as soon as you want and can! :-)

Sassy Jane Genealogy said...

Beautifully put! You've inspired me to go.