Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas to All

I've been struggling with my Christmas poem this year.  Inspiration seemed far away and what I thought I wanted to write wasn't happening at all.
Today, I downloaded a beta version of a creative writing software that I hope to use for editing my novel.  To try it out, I decided to scratch out a poem...and this is what came out.  So that which would be written, has been written; and that which is not yet ready, has not.

Merry Christmas lovely reader.

 Eclipse - 2010

I missed the Eclipse this Winter Solstice
Rainclouds covered the sky
As is usual in my bleak midwinter.
I couldn’t see the world go dark
I missed the red glow in the sky
I didn’t feel the longest night
Go still and silent and black.
I went to bed like any other night
I burrowed into blankets
And battled with my dreams
And prayed that I might wake another day.
I did awake.
The darkness was still there
My northern latitude at its apogee
To Sol and light and warmth.
But this morning the moon shone large
Bathing the bare limbs in light
Guiding me out of the dark.


Bridgete said...

I must edit...its apogee.

You know that stuff distracts me from whatever I'm reading, but now that I have my edit out of the way...I love this. ♥

KC McAuley said...

Thank you sweetie. I know better and it is fixed. I blame autocorrect!!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Love it KC! Hope you & Bridgete and M are having a wonderful time celebrating and that you didn't get too much rain in that storm that we kept hearing about on the news (albeit briefly since all they could focus on was our impending blizzard!). Here's to drying out in 2011 :-)