Sunday, March 9, 2008

Raindrop Reviews - NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and JUNO

I've been very neglectful of my blog. There have been things happening in real life that have kept me from writing. But as I have some time today, spring looks like it might finally be here and I feel like writing again. So some brief reviews of movies I've seen lately.

Firstly, the Oscar winning NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (2007, Joel and Ethan Coen) is just what you expect from the Coen's. Bloody, bawdy, and brilliant. Much has been said about this film already, so I'll simply add that Javier Bardem's Chigurh will live on as one of the most terrifying, sociopaths ever on film. A tragic vision of violence and evil, the adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's book is a wonderful film, beautifully filmed by Roger Deakins, wonderful use of sound and silence.

Deakins is having an amazing year - With NO COUNTRY, ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES and IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH. Good films which all deserve a look on a big screen and a rewatch with a remote where you can stop the frame and appreciate the shot.

JUNO (2007, Jason Reitman) Again, much has been said of this film. Sharp script, good story, great acting. Well directed. A film worth watching. And it works for one VERY IMPORTANT REASON - Ellen Page. She is by turn smart, biting, sassy, sweet, vulnerable, fragile, tough, one smart cookie. You will fall in love with her. And so you will fall in love with Juno.

I'm hoping to catch a few other Oscar noms this week. And I will try to do better with the writing. Thanks for your patience everyone.

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