Friday, June 12, 2009


It's been a very strange week. My days have been full and sometimes frantic. My evenings have been reserved for me time, decompression, glass of wine....etc.
Tried Zyrtec for my allergies. Took a whole tab on Saturday night and slept most of Sunday. Not good. So I tried a half tab for the past couple of nights. I'm breathing better - yay!! But the throat is still sore and the dry mouth is not good when I am trying to teach classes and have to consume massive amounts of water to keep going. oh well.
Depression loomed for a couple of days. But I aired my grievances and wrestled with my angels and seem to be back on an upswing. If only the damn weather would cooperate.
It's June and I'm wearing long sleeves and sweaters and real shoes. My toes want fresh air - I want bare legs under my skirt and warm sun on my skin. I need that vitamin D !
This weekend is time for cooking and cleaning - laundry awaits...and I need to hit the mall and see if I can't find some bras that fit and feel good. I tell you, it's really hell having small shoulders and large breasts. I need support and I can't keep straps on my shoulders that are 20 inches apart. I love racerbacks - but they never seem to come in a C cup! And I refuse to go the uni-boob sports bra route. That feels like I'm trying to hide my chest because I'm embarrassed by it...which I am not.
How's that for random?
Seems like everyone is busy and finding time to just be with each other is getting pretty hard. I haven't seen my sister since Thanksgiving. That's just too long. She only lives 45 minutes away. There's a group at work who have been trying to have a birthday lunch for about a week now. We finally set up a date on June 30! (that's right...2 more weeks away)
Mary and I haven't gone wine tasting for a couple of months - but her step kids are here for the summer now. It may be a few more months before we can do it.
I really should get to work now. Pressure doesn't go away by simply ignoring it.


Bridgete said...

I have a bra problem too, with my little chest-dip thing. I may need to go back to super-cleavage bras to fix it, they're the only ones that seem to meet close enough in the front so that the cup actually sits properly on my boob. Right now if I'm doing anything other than sitting up/standing up perfectly straight I get this weird gap between bra and boob. It drives me nuts, it makes me feel like I'm wearing the wrong size or something.

Boston has been gross too. I wore my fuzzy dark purple sweater to work the other day! And because it's June and I REFUSED to wear my winter coat over it, I just wore my raincoat over it...and I was still cold!

Zyrtec dries me out too. But my body has adjusted so that I'm not nearly as sleepy the next day. I can actually even take it during the day now, but I don't like to because it does still make me a tiny bit drowsy.

Jenn said...

Ah if only pressure would go away with the ignore it route things would be super huh?

The sun finally came out here a little while ago and I just sat outside for a few, hope it will last. To quote one of my favorites The Crow: "It can't rain all the time"

Glad you're feeling better!