Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random Thought Process

I'm not sure how random my thoughts will be today...I'm completely and totally annoyed at FOX media today. Not just FOX, but all the media that is treating these health care forums like they are the next Boston Tea Party - Death to Tyranny and all that.

I'm all for debate, discourse, discussion. And there is no question that the health care system in this country is broken - and not just in one way. Insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, and drug companies all share part of the burden. And let's not forget the patient bears some responsibility for their own health. And all of us will bear a part of the burden in fixing it.

And THAT is what I see President Obama trying to do. Not foist a completely new system on us that makes all the rules and takes our rights away. Not shove a one payer system on everyone no matter what the general populace believes. BUT MAKE EACH PARTICIPANT RESPONSIBLE FOR DISCOVERING HOW TO IMPROVE IT!

I'm sure there are people out there who feel like we're sailing off the edge of the world - there are monsters out there and they're out to get us - we don't like what we have but don't take it away from us cause it's all we know....but someone has to be brave enough to sail off the edge. Someone has to try and rephrase the question, not just go with the same answers we've always had. Someone has to take the step and lead us through the fire swamp.

I'm willing to see what this man can do, what leadership he can provide, what new lands he can help us discover.

And not just President Obama. I find everyday that I read about ordinary people trying to find ways to help one another - help a battered woman in India change her life, help a child in Appalachia have food on weekends when school is out - help all of us have a safer, cleaner, planet where we all agree to take care of it. And of each other.

You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only I?

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Chris Dashiell said...

Fox is perhaps the most pernicious influence on American public life in our history. I don't think they should be offered as part of a basic cable package--they're frankly racist, and not a legitimate news network at all.
But you already know how I feel, darlin', don't you?