Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's My Party

The Gods have smiled on me.  My birthday party was all that, da bomb, buck, absolutely FABULOUS.

To begin with, my darling friend Nancy called as we were setting up.  Considering that she was nursing a broken elbow and looking at surgery the next day, I was honored that she thought to call me at all.  My cupcakes from Lisa Madrid were adorable and yummy.  Contact me if you want her info.  They were proclaimed by my daughter Jennifer to be "the best she has ever had."

(Picture is of a painting by Erika Lee Sears who introduced me to Lisa and yes the cupcakes looked just like that)

Jennifer and her husband were there.  Not a big deal for a daughter, you say?  Well, considering that she is actually my step-daughter and her father and I haven't been together for 5 years, yeah it was.  He was there, too.  My ex.  See?  It is possible to be friends with your ex.

Then people began to flow in too fast for me to catch everyone.  When a woman came in looking vaguely familiar, and then the light dawned that it was my friend Kate Hawkes, who I thought was still in Australia!, and I screamed!  It was so lovely to see her.  More hugging, talking, eating, moving from table to table sipping lovely wines all around.  Work friends. High school friends.  So many people here for me.

And just when I thought I might be able to slow down and sit with some folks....up the sidewalk I see my sister Judie and her husband Jules.  Then behind them I begin to see...my sister Nancy!  My brother Nick.  My brother ROBERT!!!!  Those three live in Grants Pass, 250 miles away and I haven't seen them in a couple of years.  Yes, I screamed and hugged and cried!!
Thank you Polly for the picture!

It was truly a night to remember.  I felt very loved.  And even as people began to leave and the evening ran down, I continued to feel the love and connection to them.  To all of them.  And to all who weren't there.

My therapist once told me that he had never known anyone who made and maintained connections to others like I do.  That night, I saw what he meant.   My life has been touched and shaped by so many wonderful people.  My birthday was a time for me to give back, to say "thank you for being part of me."  Yet again, I am the one who is blessed.  The one who received the gift.  And the one who is humbled by how many lives I touch.

Thank you everyone - near and far - who continue to support me as I grow into the woman I am supposed to be.


Bridgete said...

I so, so wish I could have been there too...but I was there in spirit. =)

Jenn said...

This almost made me cry, so beautiful!

Bert said...

Having you in my life is a gift. Thank you KC.