Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Thoughts...back on track

Boy this has been a really random day.  I started off with my yearly appt. with my doctor.  Only it wasn't with my doctor, because my doctor has left the practice where she's been for the past 10 years, which is how long I've been seeing her.  But she doesn't start at her new practice until I had a new doctor at the old practice.  (are you still with me?)

So I head out to drive there and there's been a downpour in Portland this morning and people still haven't re-learned how to drive in the rain here and there are accidents everywhere I turn.  I get to the office right on the dot of my appointment time.  There's only me and one other patient in the waiting room, which could be good, could be bad.  Turns out okay...I'm whisked in for my weigh and measure...don't ask me the number it's embarrassing and makes me really mad that in spite of all the shedding I'm doing emotionally, there is still actual dead weight I'm carrying around.  Huff....

Then I get the blood pressure, history check, medications check, all that Physician's assistant stuff.  And this is a new assistant too who doesn't know all the things that Molly and Bridget (her assistant) have known about me for years.  Then I have to do the uncomfortable thing.  You know, the little drape that goes over the top and the little drape that goes over the bottom.  It doesn't matter how girlie and cute you make the prints...they are still just little pieces of fabric that you are naked under and they can't keep you warm in that stark, sterile little room.   So there I sit on the exam table, literally freezing my ass, trying to read the New Yorker from back in July and not think about how exposed I feel, and the PA pops in to tell me that Dr. Rachel isn't in the office yet.  I'm her first appointment of the day and she was doing rounds at the hospital seeing the new babies and she'll be there as soon as she can.  Huff....

Well, she finally gets there and we have to chat while she waits for her laptop to boot up and my medical records to get loaded and finally we get to the fun stuff.   But it's all good and eventually I get to go have my blood drawn and get my tetanus shot.  Oh yeah, she discovered I haven't had my tetanus shot in 10 years, so surprise!  And I've been fasting for about 14 hours by now and my stomach can be heard a mile away.

So I dash off to get coffee and food on my way back to work. 

Work lately has been just a series of meetings and typing and editing and teaching.  All good stuff, but the days just fly by.  I don't even know where the month has gone!!  Like I said, I've been doing lots of shedding - emotional processes  mostly  - but some physical too.  Like I cleaned out my bathroom/linen closet and found all the half used tiny tubes of toothpaste and 10 year old bath salts and other stuff that I'm just never going to use again.  Hauled that out to the trash.  Got my carpets cleaned.  Now I just have to keep Sol off the rugs.  Yeah...good luck with that.   I got my 100 Acre Wood rug cleaned...and there's a big spot on Tigger.  Just where he barfed on it.  Dude said he was jealous of Tigger. :)

I've booked my trip to Boston for Christmas.  My lovely daughter said I can stay for two weeks...well...almost 2 weeks.  I'm flying in on Dec. 19 and flying home on New Year's Eve.  I'm very excited to see Bridgete again, and Boston.   Also, I get to meet Jenn and see my friend Les.  It's going to be a great trip.  I can feel it.

Gotta go to yoga now.  More later....

Yoga was great.  I love how it's really become a part of my week.  I feel it if I have to miss class for some reason - and I miss it.  And now I'm home on the couch with my wine letting go of the day.  I love where I am.  Love the view out my window.  Love the sounds around me.  Love the direction I'm headed in.  It's all good!!!!


Bridgete said...

My new gynecologist's office is warm. I mean WARM. Wonderfully, perfectly, fantastically warm. I actually had to share my appreciation, and she said, "Well, no one wants to be naked in a cold room!" She said some people complain that it's too warm, but she'd rather have it be comfortable for the people who have to be naked, since it's uncomfortable enough to be naked in the first place.

How awkward that you couldn't see Molly because she's in transition. I would have just waited for

I can't wait for you to be here for Christmas, we'll have so much fun. And Severus will love the days you hang around the house with him. =)

Jenn said...

Sounds like it was worth the wait for the new Doc (despite the shot of course) because everything is a-ok. Nice!

I've found that sometimes shedding emotional weight makes one so much lighter than shedding physical pounds :-]

CAN NOT WAIT to meet you woo hoo! We're actually going to Cali to spend Christmas week at my FIL's place this year but not leaving until earliest 12/24 so we have plenty of time to work something awesome out yea!

Auntie Dani said...

I didn't know you blogged! Me too!

We should go to Boston together sometime and see Bridgete. I've never been there but heard it's awesome.

Have a great Christmas, KC!