Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Begins with a FRENZY!!

Script Frenzy that is.

You may remember that I started to write a novel back in November with National Novel Writers Month.  Well, that didn't work out so well.  Got sick, had mother issues, etc.  Well, now, it's Script Frenzy, brought to you by the same organization.  This is a somewhat smaller, and if the group I met on Sunday are any indication, more extroverted set of writers.  Perhaps it's because there are so many options for Script Frenzy.  Your writing can be a play, a screenplay, a treatment or episode for a TV series; even a graphic novel.  And that means you can have rom com to horror on one side of the table, sci-fi to situation comedy on the other.  There's even one woman writing a musical!! And her collaborator lives on the other side of the country!

That's the other difference with Script Frenzy - you can write as a team or a group.  Because we all know that scripts come in all shapes and sizes...just like people.

In my case, I'm writing a play.  I've wanted to do this for some time.  I love the theater and there is a real shortage of original plays out there these days.  Mostly because the good money is in screenplays and TV shows.  But they say write what you know.  And I know theater!!

I'm not sure if this will turn out to be an absurdly funny comedy, a mystery, or a human tragedy.  But I do know there will be squirrels!  It's just time for it. 

So wish me luck!!


Bridgete said...

Love your squirrel. And you, of course.

Jenn said...

Totally looking forward to the updates on your play. Especially because of the uprising of squirrels, heehee. GOOD LUCK :-)