Friday, April 1, 2011

Lent - Days 22 & 23

So I've been without food since Wednesday evening.  Last thing I ate was a Caesar Salad at Pub Quiz.  It's about 45 hours later and I can almost taste that salad.  I'm so hungry. 
Yesterday was much easier.  I drank tea and water and some juice last night, but I didn't really feel hungry until this morning.  I was actually a little uncomfortable this morning and my coffee made me a little sick.  So I switched to tea and that has been it.
I was smelling everyone's lunch today.  Usually I don't notice when other people are eating around me in cubeland.  But I was very aware today.  Even now, I can hear someone munching on cookies or chips or something - and I want to go steal one.
Has this been successful in a spiritual sense then?  I think so.  I'm very tuned in to myself right now - to how I'm feeling, what I'm hearing, smelling, seeing.  It's a very heightened experience. 
I wonder how this will feel tonight - when I'm at home and there is food around me, but I don't choose to eat it.  This is really tough.

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Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Yowza! Kudos to you for sticking through more than 24 hours without food. I would have passed out after about 12 hours. Low blood sugar over here. That's why I'm a grazer for the most part. Headaches abound. Anyway, kudos and I'll be reading as weeks progress!