Friday, December 21, 2007

Poetry Corner - Global Warming

For Winter Solstice

Global Warming - written Dec. 2006

The iceberg thaws. Floes of frozen matter,

Large and small,

Break off and enter the vast ocean.

The waters rise. Salty oceans are cooled.

The heat expands the air above,

And the planet is shaken.

This passionate fury

Of tempest and turbulence

Brings down upon us

Great suffering and pain.

Homes are broken and lives are lost,

And we wander without purpose,

Seeking Moses in the rushes,

Seeking answers in the questions,

Seeking light in the dark.

The Planet howls its' fury

Left too long ignored; her needs unmet -

So much given and so little asked.

Yet we wander on oblivious to the change that comes unbidden.

We stay the course. We refuse to see.

"We cannot change," we cry.

"This is the only way."

Change – and challenge –

Choose possibility.

Say yes.

Accept the grief and loss.

Ride out the storm that shook our core.

And let the thaw be not in vain.

Let every heart.

Prepare a room.

For possibility.

KC McAuley

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