Saturday, December 29, 2007

Raindrop Review - ENCHANTED

ENCHANTED (Kevin Lima, 2007) is enchanting. A Disney movie that makes fun of Disney movies while being a perfect Disney movie.

Amy Adams is Princess Giselle and James Marsden is her Prince. Or is he? On their wedding day, one day after they meet, the Prince's evil stepmom lures Giselle to a wishing well and pushes her in. The well is a portal between the animated kingdom Andalasia and New York City. Giselle rises up out of a man hole into New York traffic. (A moment worth the price of admission) And quickly is lost in this world of reality. Rescued by Patrick Dempsey, Giselle proceeds to turn his world upside down with her innocence and unwavering belief in True Love.
Excellent performances all around. Everyone must have had a marvelous time - especially Susan Sarandon as the evil queen. (That's the costume I want for next Halloween!) Timothy Spall is a wonderful second banana to the queen. Idina Menzel, as the spurned love of Dempsey's Robert, was supposed to have a song - I wish that she had. I love her voice. But the sweet songs by Alan Menken (the king of Disney songs) and Stephen Schwartz (the king of B'dway's Wicked) are perfect for the film.

Can True Love survive in New York? Well this is a Disney movie, so of course it does. But the fun along the way is not to be missed. A fully staged musical number in Central Park? Why not. Isn't everyone's life like this when they fall in love?

Perfect for hopeless romantics, like your's truly. Perfect for would be princesses of 8-12 years. They get a little cynical after that. Perfect for anyone who dreamed life could be a musical. Perfect for you, if you ever believed, if you still believe, in True Love's Kiss. Do you believe?

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